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A selection of useful resources


Mindfulness in Perth


Please visit for courses run by

experienced mindfulness practitioner Kathryn Choules in Perth.



Educational mindfulness programs for children and adolescents:



Mindfulness and compassion general


Apps for free meditations


Videos on mindfulness


Mindful parenting


Books on mindfulness

Children’s books:

L. Alderfer, Mindful monkey, happy panda

K.L. MacLean, Moody cow meditates

O. Jeffers, The Heart and the Bottle

J. Witek, In my heart

Thich Nhat Hanh, Mindful movements

E. Snel, Sitting still like a frog

Adult books:

J Kornfield: The Wise Heart

T Brach: Radical Acceptance

K Neff: Mindful self-compassion workbook

J. Kabat Zinn: Full catastrophe living

R. Harris: The happiness trap: Stop struggling, start living

S.K. Greenland, The mindful child

S.K. Greenland, Mindful games

For books from Thich Nhat Hanh see



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