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Mindful kids - Smile, breathe and go slowly

Group training for kids

age 7-12 years


This 8-week ‘mindful kids’ group training (1.5 hrs each week) gives children the gift of care for themselves equipping them with skills to

  • Find their inner calm by following their breath

  • Pay attention to their experience in the present moment

  • Learn about their thoughts

  • Deal with strong feelings

  • Increase their body awareness

  • Pause and choose how to respond positively instead of reacting

  • Communicate kindly

  • Build self-confidence


For who?

Group 1: 7-9 year olds with one or both parents accompanying (or turning 7 in 2018)

Group 2: 10-12 year olds without parent (or turning 10 in 2018)


Where? Beeliar Wetlands Education Centre, 184 Hope Rd, Bibra Lake WA 6163


When?  9th May 2018 to 27th June 2018. Wednesdays 3:45 to 5:15 pm. GROUP 2 ONLY!


Cost? $300 (Medicare rebate of $173.20 applies if referred under a Mental Health Care Plan.). Private lessons available. Please enquire.

Private health rebates available depending on your level of cover.


Included: 12 hrs of group training, workbook, meditation audio for kids and parents


What to bring? Yoga mat for child and parent. Enthusiasm and curiosity!


Spaces limited.


The course is based on the evidence-based MBSR (Mindfulness-based stress reduction) for adults and has been adapted for the use with children by the European Institute for Mindfulness IAM in Belgium. The course has been running there for a number of years with great success. I cordially thank David Dewulf, the founder of IAM, to have granted me permission to use this unique way of teaching mindfulness to kids in Australia.





Are you interested in the 8-week course? Then come along for our next FREE taster. A one-off 1 hour session of experiencing mindfulness together with your kids (ages 7-12 years). The child needs to be accompanied by one or both parents.


For who? Kids aged 7-12 years and one or both parents


Where? Beeliar Wetlands Education Centre, 184 Hope Rd, Bibra Lake WA 6163


When? Friday, 20th April 2018 from 3 pm to 4 pm


What to bring? Yoga mat for child and parent. Enthusiasm and curiosity!


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Reported benefits of mindfulness for kids include

  • Increased emotional regulation

  • Increased social skills

  • Increased ability to orient attention

  • Increased planning and organization

  • Increased sense of calmness, relaxation, and self-acceptance

  • Increased quality of sleep

  • Decreased anxiety (e.g., test anxiety)

  • Decreased ADHD symptoms (improvement in executive function, inhibition)

  • Fewer conduct and anger management problems


Kids talk about mindfulness

Find out what kids have said about a mindfulness training in New Zealand similar to the training offered here. Check out for more information on their programme.

Present Mind Psychology is currently on a quest to develop more ways to bring mindfulness to your beautiful children and family.
The group courses will be on hold until further notice, however individual mindfulness lessons are still offered. Please contact me if you are interested.

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