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Mindful birthing

a gentle way into the world 

Group training for becoming parents


My dream is that every woman, everywhere,

will know the joy of a truly, safe,

comfortable, and satisfying birthing

for herself and her baby.

(Marie F. Mongan)


What is Mindful Birth?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Gentle birth coaching, also known as Hypnobirthing (founded by Marie Mongan and adapted by Katherine Grave for the European market), is a natural approach to prepare for the journey of your birth– that can make a difference to you and your baby. It empowers becoming parents to have a positive birth experience.


The basic theory behind hypnobirthing is that women’s bodies are build to give birth comfortably and that fear and worry can interrupt the natural flow and result in less comfortable birthing experiences (fear-tension-pain-cycle).


Mindful birth

  • Promotes a relaxed and calm attitude towards birth.

  • Greatly involves the birthing partner, be it the father or another birth companion of the mother’s choosing.


Together mum and partner explore

  • Ways to be positive about the upcoming birth,

  • Reduce any existing fears and worries,

  • Learning well-established breathing techniques for the labour process the way nature intended,

  • Massage techniques to assist release of the body’s natural pain-relieving hormones,

  • Deep relaxation through visualisations for a relaxed mind-body effect,

  • In-depth guide to the role of the birth companion, and

  • Communicating their birth choices to their medical specialists


Some of the benefits reported include

  • More relaxed and worry-free attitude towards birth

  • More confident about own birth choices

  • Sometimes pain-free labour and birth

  • Often reduced labour time

  • Less pain relief and medical intervention needed

  • Lower risk of tearing of perineum

  • Birth as a calm and natural experience as nature intended

  • Deepening of bonding mum, baby and partner

  • Baby tends to be more alert and calm



The course is based on Katherine Graves hypnobirthing course and is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) in the UK. It runs over 5 weeks (2 hrs each week) and is recommended for mothers from 20 weeks pregnancy, so there is lot of time to practice the learned relaxation and breathing practice at home before birth. However, if you find out about Gentle Birth after 20 weeks please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your options. Courses are generally held in small groups of up to 5 couples. Private one-on-one lessons are available upon request. The course is suitable for all birthing settings including hospital, birthing centres, water births and home.



Where? Suite 9A/550 Canning Highway, Attadale WA 6156



When? Courses run throughout the year. 5 weekly sessions of 2 hrs each.



$ 450 group lesson

$ 520 private lesson


Included: 10 hrs training; Hypnobirthing book and CDs; handouts



Ph 0415 081 482


Find me also on the KG hypnobirthing website Go to 'find a teacher' - 'world hypnobirthing teachers' and then select Australia on the map.


Spaces limited. Register your interest below. 



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